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People v. N.S. (2010)

Charges – Defendant had three cases all pending at the same time.  Each case was driving on a suspended license with two priors and the mandatory minimum jail time on each case was 30 days jail and the DA on each case was requiring fines of $500 plus penalty assessments (which comes to almost $2500 fines in each case).  One case was pending in Alhambra, one case was pending in downtown LA, and one case was pending in West Covina.  Law Offices of Fred Thiagarajah represented defendant on all three cases.

Locations – Alhambra / Metropolitan / West Covina Justice Centers, Los Angeles County

Result – Alhambra case was reduced to a Vehicle Code section 12500 (driving without a valid license).  Through creative plea-bargaining, our office eliminated the fines on the other two cases and Defendant did concurrent jail time on everything.

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