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If you have been charged with a crime, put your case in the hands of someone who knows the criminal justice system thoroughly in Southern California. Criminal defense attorney Fred Thiagarajah uses his prior experience as a prosecutor to defend people charged with criminal offenses. The Law Offices of Fred Thiagarajah handles all types of criminal cases from minor misdemeanors to serious or violent felonies. Our attorneys devote the time needed to discuss your options, your rights and the penalties you may be facing. Our attorneys are with you at every stage of your case, advocating for you. To discuss your situation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Fred Thiagarajah at any of our offices in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Riverside or Rancho Cucamonga.
Our law firm is also experienced with representing defendants who may have immigration consequences. We know how to represent people who are either permanent residents or are here on visas. If you are being accused of a crime and you are not a citizen, a conviction can have drastic consequences including denial of naturalization or deportation.

We understand the challenges of being a noncitizen in the United States. We give each case the special attention it deserves, working to arrive at the best possible outcome. We focus on assisting immigrants with criminal convictions avoid removal or deportation. If you`re an immigrant facing criminal charges, contact the Law Offices of Fred Thiagarajah, where you`ll have the assistance of a criminal attorney with immigration experience to help you avoid adverse immigration consequences.

Serving the entire Southern California area, our lawyers have the experience needed to get clients the best results possible in criminal and immigration matters. With more than 70 trials to his credit, Fred Thiagarajah knows from personal experience how prosecutors analyze and handle a case from beginning to end. He also has a record of success in administrative matters such as DMV hearings and prosecuting and defending restraining orders. Our lawyers are effective legal advocates, whether the issue is domestic violence or DUIs. Our responsive approach can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Our record is only one reason we receive referrals from satisfied customers. We believe that being responsive is a critical part of our legal services and once we`re on the case, we can be reached anytime, including evenings or weekends.

Our law firm makes it as easy as possible to interact with the criminal justice system. We accept credit cards and payment plans. We schedule appointments during evening and weekend hours. We provide translators for foreign languages whenever the need arises. Call us today for a free consultation with a superb criminal defense attorney native to Southern California.